Naankuse Bush Camp Pool

Naankuse Bush Camp

Situated in the Naankuse Nature Reserve, the Naankuse Bush Camp is a modest and intimate venue for day visitors. The Bush Camp caters to a myriad of groups, from families and children, to students and corporate executives. Guests can choose to simply cool off and relax by the swimming pool, or indulge in an exquisite menu which will set your taste buds alive. For an authentic Naankuse experience, book your spot on a Carnivore Feeding Tour or a Cheetah Experience or an outing to track animals on the reserve.



Bush Camp

Adjacent to the Bush Camp Restaurant are 14 stilted tents available as a budget "glamping" option for guests who want to spend a night or two on the Naankuse Reserve. The tents can accommodate two guests each. Each tent has its own open-air ablution facilities and a solar powered geyser for a hot shower. The Bush Camp rate includes bed and breakfast but an A la Carte lunch menu is served daily.



Discover the Roots of N/a'an ku sê

Embark on an incredible drive where you may encounter our
esteemed baboons, caracals, lions, cheetahs, African wild
dogs, and leopards. Witness their feeding sessions led by our
knowledgeable guides and be captivated by their tales.

Behind the Scenes at N/a'an ku sê

Follow in co-founder Marlice’s footsteps and get an intimate view of the workings of a wildlife reserve and sanctuary.

Cheetah Experience

Enjoy time with our habituated big cats, in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Simply not to be missed!

Caracal Experience 

On this excursion you will get to see how these magnificent animals behave in the wild, stalking birds and small mammals as they regain.

Meerkat Experience

Take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enter N/a’an ku sê’s very own “Meerkat Manor”, and spend a magical two hours witnessing the delightful antics of the bushveldt’s most beloved residents.

Sunset Horse Riding

A two-hour horse ride through the bush will give intermediate and advanced riders the unique chance to observe our wild game closer than ever.

Wilderness Drive

Hop onto a game viewer and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Namibian bushveld. Your experienced guide will point out the big, the small and everything in between. 

Sunrise / Sunset Wilderness Drive

Our experienced guides will take you with our well-equipped open game drive vehicles around the pristine 9,000-hectare reserve, showcasing some of the most incredible wildlife in Africa!

Guided Nature Walk

Experience the untouched beauty of Namibia's Bushveld on our Guided Nature Walk. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of this extraordinary landscape as our knowledgeable guides lead you through its wonders. 

K9 Experience

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you delve into the world of K9 dog training at our remarkable K9 Training Centre. Experience the thrill of working alongside our skilled trainers and their four-legged companions.

Rhino Tracking

Get on your walking shoes, grab your binoculars, and spend an afternoon with a ranger and tracker in search of rhinos.

Elephant Tracking

Want to see the majestic elephants roaming playfully in their natural habitat? Go on an amazing elephant safari and enjoy the wildlife.

Carnivore Tracking

Whether they are hidden in the bush waiting for a prey or comfortably basking in the sun, leopards are extraordinary wild animals. You will have the opportunity to track these majestic felines on the Zannier Reserve by N/a’ankusê.

Safari Walk

Allow yourself to immerse in the captivating world of African wildlife by tracking down majestic creatures such as lions and elephants on foot for approximately 8km.

Private Tours

Discover nature's hidden treasures on our exclusive private tours. Our expert guides will accompany you on a personalized journey through stunning landscapes and wildlife encounters, where you can witness firsthand the awe-inspiring presence of majestic creatures like rhinos, powerful carnivores, and a diverse array of other fascinating animals.

Further information and rates can be found here.



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Naankuse Bush Camp

From Windhoek, travel east on the Airport Road toward the Hosea Kutako International Airport. After about 24km turn left just after the police roadblock onto the M 53 Road. Travel another 27km to the Naankuse Reserve entrance on your left. From the entrance to the Activity Centre it's a mere 1.5km.

Latitude: 22° 21′ 51.82″ S
Longitude: 17° 22’45.07″ E